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By:  Emily G. Pierce On Friday, June 2, 2017, Governor Rick Scott signed an $83 billion state budget into law.  However, he also vetoed $410 million in education and special legislative projects which included over $15.5 million earmarked for local and regional projects.  Included within the list of vetoed items were the following projects: Nassau Council on Aging... read more

By:  Emily G. Pierce Frustrated with the Legislature’s failure to fund Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida, two projects which the Governor sees as critical to the future of Florida, and following on the heels of his veto of approximately $410 million in education funding, the Governor has convened a special Legislative session for June 7 through June 9.  The special... read more

By:  Emily G. Pierce The Senate and House adopted legislation (SB 90/HB 1351) implementing Amendment 4 which had been approved by a supermajority of the voters in 2016.  Prior to the approval of Amendment 4, the Florida Constitution exempted renewable energy source devices (a/k/a solar equipment) installed on residential properties from being taxed as tangible personal property,... read more

By: Emily G. Pierce As discussed in my July 29th blog, the Legislature adopted some significant changes to Florida’s Growth Management Laws during the regular 2015 session. The changes made to the Bert J. Harris Private Property Rights Act have garnered the most attention. However, a noteworthy addition to the Florida Statutes has gone widely unmentioned; the creation of a new Section of... read more

By: Emily G. Pierce On May 14, 2015, the Governor signed into law legislation which includes significant changes to Florida’s growth management laws. The legislation includes provisions which: Eliminate the Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) review process Modify the sector planning process and clarify that amendments to sector plans must go through the state coordinated... read more

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