By:  Emily G. Pierce

On November 13th, the new Commissioners for the City of Atlantic Beach were administered the Oath of Office and took their seats.  One of the first official actions taken by the new City Commission was the extension of the “Medical Marijuana Moratorium Ordinance” for an additional period of six months from November 28, 2017 to May 28, 2018.  The Commissioners noted that the City of Jacksonville Beach just recently voted on first reading to ban all marijuana dispensaries from the City.  However, the Commissioners stated that the people of the State and the City of Atlantic Beach have spoken and the Commissioners opined that it is their job to listen to the citizens and to establish workable criteria and standards for medical marijuana dispensaries.  The City Attorney stated that the six month extension will give the City ample time to workshop the issue and to develop an ordinance that reflects the desires of the Commission.  There will be more discussion about the issue in the coming months.