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Class Actions

Class Actions

Class action litigation is a quickly evolving area of the law and one which presents unique legal and procedural challenges.  As class claims become both more common and accepted, it becomes increasingly important to retain counsel with experience in this distinct area of litigation.  Rogers Towers has that experience.

A company named in a class suit often faces higher financial risk than in general litigation.  The class action litigation process also differs in many respects from general litigation.  Our attorneys understand the anxieties that come with facing such unfamiliar territory, as well as the effect a class suit can put on a business’s operations, and are dedicated to efficiently and cost-effectively guiding clients through this unique litigation process.

Rogers Towers’ Class Action Practice Group has defended clients in class claims alleging product liability, mass tort, securities violations, and consumer protection law violations, including under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.  The attorneys of this practice group have represented clients in:

  • Pre-certification and merits discovery;
  • Pre-certification motions practice, including motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment;
  • Evidentiary hearings on motions for certification;
  • Interlocutory appeals in connection with certification rulings;
  • Disputes regarding class notice;
  • Trying the merits of the claim; and
  • Negotiating and administering settlements.

In addition to guiding clients through litigation, Rogers Towers’ Class Action Practice Group also proactively counsels clients on minimizing the risk of facing a class suits, including by drafting company policies that comply with state unfair competition and consumer protection laws and drafting contracts and agreements that contain enforceable arbitration clauses and class action waivers.

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