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Eminent Domain & Condemnation

Eminent Domain & Condemnation

Our eminent domain attorneys know the ins and outs of evaluating a proposed condemnation, determining the impact on a property’s value, and creating a strategy that will best represent our client’s interests.

Municipalities, counties, states, and the federal government have the power to condemn property for many purposes—road widenings, highway interchanges, mass transit corridors, urban redevelopment, landfills, and many other public works improvements.  As the eminent domain process moves forward, the owners of condemned land need strong and trusted representation and advice from experienced eminent domain attorneys in order to protect their rights and receive just compensation for their property.

Rogers Towers has extensive knowledge and experience in protecting property owners’ rights in eminent domain cases involving the acquisition of their property by various governmental entities.  For over 100 years we have assisted owners of vacant lands as well as improved properties, including urban office buildings, service stations, convenience stores, golf courses, residential gated subdivisions (Planned Unit Developments), shopping centers, professional office and industrial centers, churches, banks, campgrounds, and single family residential homes throughout Florida in eminent domain cases.

As our expertise has grown, we have also on a regular basis come to provide public entities with advice as to whether they possess the power to condemn or acquire certain property rights, and, if they do, what procedures they must follow to exercise those powers properly.

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