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Intellectual Property Licensing & Litigation

Intellectual Property Licensing & Litigation

Rogers Towers is well versed in patent prosecution and enforcement, technology transfers, patent acquisitions, trademark prosecution and enforcement, and the protection of trade secrets and copyrights.  Our lawyers are prepared to counsel our clients on preventive measures to protect their intellectual assets and corrective procedures that may be needed in the case their intellectual property has been compromised, including litigation.

Patents - The value of your innovation may be entitled to protection under the Constitution and the Patent Act. On your behalf, Rogers Towers will perform patentability searches, provide patentability opinions, prosecute patents, ascertain ownership of patents, prepare patent licenses, determine if new products infringe the patent rights of others, and litigate patent infringement disputes.

Trademarks - Your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Protecting a brand involves determination of a strong mark and registration and enforcement of the mark. Rogers Towers performs trademark searches, registers trademarks, and provides opinions on registration.  If necessary, Rogers Towers will litigate trademark infringement and ownership disputes, prepare trademark licenses and counsel clients regarding proper trademark use and policing techniques in order to protect their trademark.

Copyrights - Many clients become confused concerning who owns creative work, such as software, logos, website content, photographs or other aspects of their business, as well as books, music and films which are all protected under copyright law.   Rogers Towers counsels clients on proper assignment and registration practices to help secure their ownership of their copyrightable assets and will help resolve ownership disputes, including litigation if needed.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition - To protect valuable trade secret assets, Rogers Towers provides clients with employment contracts and consulting arrangements that cover the maintenance of confidentiality. We prepare licensing and assignment agreements for trade secret information. Our litigation group handles lawsuits involving the theft of trade secrets and breach of contracts regarding the disclosure of trade secret information.

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