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Corporate and Individual Income Tax Planning

Corporate and Individual Income Tax Planning

Experienced Florida Tax Attorneys

Effective tax planning can reduce the overall tax liabilities for both you and your corporation, thereby increasing your net profits and creating new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

However, the Internal Revenue Code is highly complex and constantly changing, which can make tax planning a real challenge.

The lawyers in our Corporate and Individual Income Tax Planning Practice Group are highly experienced in tax matters and can ensure that you and your corporation are complying with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and maximizing your tax-saving potential.

Our goal is to help you maximize your tax savings while staying in full and outright compliance with existing tax laws.

Meet Our Corporate and Individual Tax Planning Practice Group

The Corporate and Individual Income Tax Planning Group at Rogers Towers consists of experienced lawyers with specialized backgrounds in taxation, including and other professionals with advanced degrees in taxation and business administration.

Our lawyers will work with you and, where applicable, your trusted tax advisors to ensure that your individual and corporate tax goals are met.

Our Corporate Tax Planning Services in Florida

At the corporate level, our lawyers routinely advise clients in new business ventures on the best entity selection, the associated tax implications, and the best practices for avoiding possible IRS audits.

We also regularly provide advice on tax issues associated with:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Reorganizations and restructurings
  • Joint ventures
  • Spinoffs and divestitures
  • Securities
  • And other commercial transactions


We also provide advice on ancillary corporate tax issues, such as debt restructuring.

When the law on a particular issue is unclear, we have experience in obtaining private letter rulings from the IRS when feasible, getting our clients official clarification for any legal ambiguities involving those transactions.

Our Individual Tax Planning Services in Florida

At the individual level, our lawyers will review your specific tax situation to pinpoint tax inefficiencies, such as overpayments of tax obligations, and determine ways to minimize your tax burden while creating the potential for further growth.

Through careful analysis and with an in-depth understanding of the Internal Revenue Code, our lawyers can help reduce (or in some cases defer) your income tax liabilities and evaluate potential tax risks while ensuring that you remain tax compliant.

We’ll also have you well prepared in the event that you might someday become subject to state or federal audit.

Our lawyers will also work in collaboration with our Estates and Trusts  practice group to ensure that you are able to achieve your long-term tax planning goals.

Tax planning is challenging but so important to your bottom line. Mistakes are easy to make. So many businesses and individuals ultimately pay more than they need to, or — even worse — accidentally run afoul of federal tax law. Don’t make those same errors. Let a proven team of experienced professionals help.

To learn more about the insightful tax planning advice you and your business deserve, please contact us at 1-877-398-3911.

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