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Estate and Guardianship Litigation

Estate and Guardianship Litigation

Knowledgeable and Experienced Florida Estate Planning Lawyers

Few legal matters are as important as planning for the custody and financial security of the people we love.

Even with careful planning, though, complications may arise in the areas of trusts, estates, and guardianship. Laws evolve, families change, and poorly drafted documents can result in unexpected outcomes.

Because these issues typically involve future events and family dynamics, they require tremendous foresight and sensitivity. The attorneys on Rogers Towers’ Estate and Guardianship Litigation Team are dedicated to those goals.

Dealing with the Delicacy and Legal Complexity of Family-Related Issues

Unfortunately, these cases are often the result of disputes between family members and friends. The feelings of betrayal and violated trust — coupled with financial worries and, sometimes, grief or embarrassment — make these cases difficult to resolve.

That’s why compassion and sensitivity are hallmarks of our services in the Estate and Guardianship Litigation Team. 

Naturally, you want to protect and honor your loved one’s wishes. When a family member or friend dies or becomes incapacitated without a valid trust, estate, or guardianship plan in place… or if you become concerned a family member or friend is being taken advantage of or their wishes are not being respected… you might be left angry, uncertain, or confused about how to best protect and honor the wishes of their loved ones.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to help you reach the best outcomes for you and your family, whether you might be dealing with:

  • Will contests
  • Objections to accountings
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Challenges to trust documents
  • Real property issues involving decedents’ estates
  • Any other issues that may arise in these situations

To make our services as comprehensive as possible, the attorneys in this group also work in conjunction with  Rogers Towers’ Estates and Trust Department, Real Estate Department, and Business and Tax Department as needed.

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