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Roger M. Groves , Admitted in D.C. only
Roger M. Groves

Roger M. Groves

Admitted in D.C. only

Mr. Groves is a consultant to the firm in its Sports and Entertainment practice group and has been a weekly Forbes contributor on the business of sports. He is national expert on how collegiate players can profit from their own name, image and likeness. Mr. Groves is a former tax judge and is licensed in the District of Columbia. He has represented high profile individuals and institutions in collegiate and professional sports and within the entertainment industry regarding tax and intellectual property strategies and solutions, as well as drafting and negotiating contracts with royalty and software agreements and related arbitration and litigation. He has been a partner in the national business firm of Howard & Howard, Attorneys, PC., and counsel to Lewis & Munday, in Detroit, Michigan and Washington DC.

Mr. Groves has been Top 20 Forbes Contributor with over 2 million views, listed among the top 10% of most viewed law review authors by SSRN and a sports commentator on media outlets, including ESPN Outside the Lines and National Public Radio.

During his varied business practice, Mr. Groves has also drafted and negotiated intellectual property agreements, including trademark, copyright, and patent protections; and multi-million dollar professional services contracts. For major corporations, he has been lead counsel in gaining property tax relief from taxing authorities and provided advice regarding risk management and tax avoidance. For municipal corporations, Mr. Groves defended against tax challenges and exemption claims, and secured new multi-million dollar state and federal financing. He was responsible for corporate governance documents, and corporate transactions, including buy/sell and asset purchases, and license agreements.

Mr. Groves was also part of a select negotiable instruments team as exclusive counsel for a major bank to negotiate, settle or litigate disputes between the bank and its customers or third parties over checks, drafts, and notes within banking transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code.

As a tax judge, Mr. Groves presided over cases to determine the fair market value and resulting assessments. Those matters included large industrial and commercial income-producing properties with over $1 million in dispute, with sophisticated appraisals involving the capitalization of income. He also decided cases involving sales and use tax, and other business taxes.

Mr. Groves has also been a tenured Professor of Law at Florida Coastal School of Law, where he was founding director of the Business Law Certificate Program, and the Sports Law Practice Institute. Mr. Groves also was a visiting Professor of Law at Florida A & M College of Law, and Associate Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark Law School, Portland Oregon. His teaching concentration was on domestic and international business transactions, NFL player-team contracts and collective bargaining agreements, negotiable instruments and secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code. Mr. Groves has secured sports internships to many law students at major universities and professional football and basketball teams, and private law firms and corporations, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Orlando Magic, PGA Tour, Brooklyn Nets Florida Blue, Georgia Tech, and the Portland Trailblazers.


  • Georgetown University Law Center: Small Business Law and Entrepreneurship Seminar lecturer regarding private equity in sports and social entrepreneurship ventures (February 16, 2017).
  • Louisiana State University Law Review Symposium: Panelist on social media policy reforms for student athletes in light of antitrust, First Amendment, labor designations, and rights of publicity (January 2017).
  • Florida Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”): Recent Changes and Strategies in FL LLC Law. (2016)
  • Podcasts of online business law courses used at multiple law schools, and the same for hot topics in sports contracts, name, image and likeness protections for athletes, and antitrust implications through iLaw Ventures (2015- 2016).
  • American Association of Law Schools (“AALS”) Sports Section: Panelist on antitrust and publicity rights of NCAA athletes (January 2016).
  • American Bar Association (“ABA”) Workers Compensation Midwinter Seminar and Conference, Section on Labor and Employment Law: Panelist regarding employee status and entitlement to Workers’ Compensation benefits of collegiate athletes (March 2015).
  • Panelist at University of Florida Symposium regarding Impact of NLRB decision regarding football scholarship students as employees under National Labor Relations Act (April 4, 2014). See or
  • West Virginia Law School Symposium: Panelist on digital entrepreneurship, specifically, modeling Facebook for international business transactions through countertrade and multilateral clearing services (March 2009).
  • Howard Law School Institute for Intellectual Property and Civil Rights Conference: Panelist regarding innovative intellectual property joint ventures in professional sports league collective bargaining agreements (May 2012).


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  • Innocence in the Red Zone; Book published by Amazon regarding client college football coach and plight of coaches, professionally and legally in major college football (2006).
  • Chapter in book by hospital administrator organization, (Medical Group Management Association) on federal and state tax issues for hospitals, including exemptions and unrelated business income taxes.
  • Articles for the premier association of property tax assessors, (International Assessors Association) on the valuation of contaminated property and judicial decision making for property tax purposes.

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