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Strategic planning for complex tax matters

The Tax Group at Rogers Towers consists of experienced attorneys with specialized backgrounds in federal and state taxation, including licensed Certified Professional Accountants ("CPAs") and individuals holding advanced degrees in taxation and business administration. The Internal Revenue Code and the regulations adopted thereunder are highly complex and constantly changing, which can make tax-planning a challenging task. Our attorneys will work with you and, where applicable, your trusted financial and other tax advisors, so that you are able to achieve your financial goals in the most tax-efficient manner.

We routinely advise clients starting new business ventures on entity selection and the associated tax implications. We also regularly provide tax advice associated with corporate, real estate and other business transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, reorganizations and restructurings. Our attorneys assist in all tax aspects of the transaction, from entity selection and deal structure through the due diligence process and closing. When the law on a particular issue is unsettled or unclear, we have experience in obtaining private letter rulings from the Internal Revenue Service and Technical Assistance Advisements from the Florida Department of Revenue, with respect to those particular issues.

Our lawyers assist our clients with specific tax issues as well as overall tax planning with a goal to minimize your tax burden while accomplishing the client's overall goals. Through careful analysis and with an in-depth understanding of the tax laws and regulations, we can help reduce or, in some cases, defer your income tax liabilities while making sure that you remain in compliance with those laws and regulations. The Tax Group also work in collaboration with attorneys in our other practice groups including Corporate, Estate Planning, Real Estate and Litigation groups to provide the most tax-efficient outcomes possible for our clients.

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