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On November 6, 2017 the First District released its opinion in Arlington Pebble Creek, LLC v. Campus Edge Condominium Association, Inc. Although the opinion is based on well settled Florida law, it is a reminder of the challenge faced in proving a claim for fraudulent misrepresentation. In its complaint, Campus Edge, a condominium association, (“Association”) alleged that it was... read more

By:  Emily G. Pierce On November 13th, the new Commissioners for the City of Atlantic Beach were administered the Oath of Office and took their seats.  One of the first official actions taken by the new City Commission was the extension of the “Medical Marijuana Moratorium Ordinance” for an additional period of six months from November 28, 2017 to May 28, 2018. ... read more

By:  Emily G. Pierce On November 13th, the City Commission for the City of Atlantic Beach approved Ordinance 33-17-23 which provides for the appearance of a Charter Amendment on the next ballot to move the City’s elections to even years, consistent with the City of Jacksonville and numerous other northeast Florida cities and counties.  Commissioner Stinson spoke in support... read more

By:  Emily G. Pierce In 2016 the citizens of the State of Florida voted to legalize the use and prescription of medical marijuana to alleviate pain by those suffering from terminal, chronic, or debilitating medical conditions.  The marijuana cannot be smoked, but can be consumed, vaped, or sprayed.  In June of this year the Governor signed legislation regulating how... read more

By:  Emily G. Pierce Pursuant to Chapter 2017-149 Laws of Florida, the Florida Legislature adopted numerous changes to the Florida Building Code.  Included within the changes is the addition of subsection 20 to Section 553.79, Florida Statutes.  The new subsection prohibits cities and counties from adopting or enforcing any ordinance, building permit, or development order... read more

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