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Growing your business is an exciting time, but it also takes hard work and the right team to help you navigate the labyrinth of legal and regulatory issues.  The team at Rogers Towers can help you work through the complex legal framework of franchising so that you can focus on operating and expanding your business.  

Our experienced professionals know that it all starts with a solid operating plan and growth strategy.  Working with you to ensure your model is ready to franchise, our lawyers will ensure your brand identifiers are properly protected under applicable trademark laws, draft and negotiate the requisite franchising documents including the Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, and ancillary documents such as Non-Disclosure Agreements and Area Development Agreements, and help you navigate through the various federal, state, and local laws as you expand your footprint. 

Not a franchisor but wanting to start a new business through franchising, the team at Rogers Towers also works directly with franchisees.   With experience working on both sides of the franchise relationship, our attorneys can provide the legal and business counsel to help you on your next venture including providing guidance on Franchise Disclosure Documents and negotiating Franchise Agreements.

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