Real Estate Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are partnerships between two or more individuals or entities for a specific purpose, and the formation and operation of a joint venture requires both short-term and long-term vision to set goals and avoid conflict down the road. A successful joint venture begins with a written joint venture agreement, a document that is critical to set expectations and plan for future contingencies. The attorneys in the Rogers Towers Real Estate Group are able to prepare joint venture agreements that reflect the partners' unique enterprise while simultaneously safeguarding against potential conflicts that may arise in the context of a close partnership.

Nobody enters into a joint venture expecting future disputes, but attorneys in the Rogers Towers Real Estate Group partner with attorneys in the Business and Tmt Litigation Group to ensure our clients' joint venture agreements address scenarios that our attorneys have litigated, the goal being to prepare a document that is easily understood with each partner's rights and expectations clearly outlined. Our attorneys want our client's joint ventures to focus on their core mission with the confidence that each partners' interests are protected.

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